Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oui, On Peut - Sauver Notre Pays!

BOULDER, Colorado -- As per my previous post about the absurdity of seeing the country in terms of red and blue, even down in deep-red Louisiana, you can find your fair share of Obama supporters. This has got to be my favorite campaign video (and song) of this whole mad season:

By the way, the red=Republican, blue=Democrat is an artefact of the 2000 presidential election. Before that time, there was no set color scheme, and in fact, the colors were often reversed (as you can see on this map from the 1976 Carter-Ford race). Yet this paradigm has become so ingrained, it is hard to imagine it will ever go away. I think the two parties may be stuck with these colors for a long time to come. Perhaps it will be replaced by this notion of "real" and "fake," or "pro-" and "anti-American" America. I wonder what would be a good graphic representation for those concepts? Perhaps the Republicans would best be served by ceding red back to the Democrats so that they can frame those socialist-terrorists as the new "red menace."

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