Monday, October 20, 2008

Kremlin Mouthpiece Russia Today Is Pretty Dumb

BOULDER, Colorado -- A friend of mine from college recently posted this awesome music video in which he plays the part of a lonely Russian pining for Sarah Palin from across the Bering Strait:

What I like most about this video are the little details - the mullet, the heinous sweater, the poor spelling - that make it look like it might have been made by actual Russians. The song itself is hilarious, too, but it's an obvious parody. Well, the people at the Kremlin propaganda station (and my former employer) Russia Today were duped pretty easily. This is what they wrote in response to the video:

Отличное видео, хотелось бы получить разрешение на его использование
Добрый день, коллеги.

Вам пишет англоязычный телеканал Russia Today. Нам бы хотелось получить разрешение на использование вашей песни у себя на сайте, а также услышать небольшой рассказ о том, кто вы такие есть, почему решили написать песню про Сару Пэлин, планируете ли дальше использовать тему выборов в США и тд.

Если вы не против, ждем ваш ответ на это сообщение или на адрес:

Если есть возможность прислать ролик в лучшем качестве, чем на Ю-тьюбе, мы будем обязаны.

С уважением,
А. Антонов

[Translation: Excellent video. We would like to get your permission to use it.

Good day, colleagues,

We are writing you from the English-language television station Russia Today. We would like to receive your permission to use the song you have posted, and we would also like to get a brief description of who you are, and why you decided to write a song about Sarah Palin, whether you plan to do more about the American election, etc.

If you're willing, we await your reply at the following address:

If it's possible to send us a high-quality copy of the video, instead of just the Youtube clip, it would be greatly appreciated.


A. Antonov

[From Boxing Metropolis]

Yes, they wrote the letter in Russian, believing the creators to be their countrymen. I have encouraged them to string these fools along for as long as possible - maybe finagle a free trip to Moscow out of it. Keep up the good work, propagandists!

UPDATE: Russia Today has posted this story about the "musical video" on their website, under the title "thrilling videos."

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