Monday, October 20, 2008

America's Worst Reporter Gets a Job - At Fox News!

BOULDER, Colorado -- Iraq War cheerleader, fake martyr and actual liar Judith Miller, was recently hired by Fox News to be an on-air personality. The disgraced former New York Times national security correspondent had been bouncing around from conservative think tank to awful rag since her departure from the Times in 2005, but now, I guess she has found some good company over at MurdochTV.

She has claimed that she is a "political independent," and her hiring was not motivated by any political or ideological leanings. This excerpt from a recent article she wrote for the Reader's Digest (I know) - about how awesome Abu Ghraib is now - might suggest otherwise:
"Rather, thousands of once illiterate detainees have learned how to read and write. Hundreds more are now studying math, science, geography, civics, Arabic, and English and learning carpentry, bricklaying, and other skills that may enable them to feed their families after their release. They play soccer and Ping-Pong, visit their families, pray, and debate how to accurately interpret the Koran they can now read for themselves."

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