Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day Brings Wind of Change

BOULDER, Colorado -- We have recently been criticized for not writing enough about Russia, instead focusing our attention on such trivial matters as the global recession, America's trade deficit, and the dwindling squirrel population. But this is a special day for America, and I don't want to talk about basket case countries where oratory skills are measured by how much you can sound like a KGB thug.

The theme of this year's election - and the new administration - is "change." By coincidence, it so happens that one of the most popular songs in Russia, both today and 20 years ago when it was released, is all about change. So please enjoy this classic song from the German supergroup, The Scorpions:

As Itchy noted, if Barack Obama were Russian, these guys would be headlining his inaugural concert.

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