Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brooklynites Receive Racist Anti-Obama Text Messages

BOULDER, Colorado -- I know it is weird to be reporting this from far-off Colorado when my compatriot is in the middle of the liberal elite media capital of Obama's New America, New York City. But my girlfriend (who resides in Brooklyn) informed me that her friend had received two hateful text messages about President-Elect Obama. She received one on election day and the other Thursday; both were sent from the same unlisted number in Brooklyn (area code 347).

I hate to repeat the vicious invectives of these two messages, but I am trying to find out if anyone has received similar messages in New York. The smear texts were prevalent throughout the campaign, but these messages are notable because (a) one came two days after the election, and (b) they were sent within New York, not some key battleground area or a racist backwater. But who knows - they were probably sent by some dipshit from Howard Beach.
Nov 4, 5:58 pm
Fwd:Fwd: How do they expect 1 nigger to run the white house when 10 niggers cant run a white castle!!

Nov 6, 11:26 am
Fwd:Fwd: Hallmark is coming out with an obama christmas ornament. Now every family in america can hang a nigger from a tree.

Hey, dusty old racists. Shut up. I don't have much more to say than that, but if you received any messages like this, let someone know about it - call up an election hotline or a local paper. Get it on the record so people know this crazy stuff is still going on. The saddest part is that this will likely continue throughout Obama's presidency, though I hope the most biogoted and ignorant voices in our country - who were emboldened in part by the McCain campaign - are shouted down forcefully by everyone. And to all those people who chided liberals for the past eight years for not supporting the president, it is time to get on board with President Obama.

UPDATE: It turns out that the recipient of these messages actually lives in Manhattan, not Brooklyn, and yes, I am aware that Howard Beach is in Queens.

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