Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday's Links: The $1 Trillion Man

BOULDER, Colorado -- I encounter a lot of news items in the course of each week while not doing my work, but I don't always have time to post about them, or I am simply too lazy or too engaged in other activities, like watching Law & Order and playing Donkey Kong (after a week, I can now make it to the third barrel stage, which I think is pretty good).

So, I have decided to create a new feature at the Walter Duranty Report - each Wednesday, I will post a compilation of some of my favorite links from the past week. Some of them are fresh news items, but most of them are random videos and strange sites that I came across while searching for the end of the internet.

FAIR: Babies are an anchor, pulling America down to the inky depths. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, pregnant illegal immigrants are flooding into this country just to have their babies on American soil - so-called "anchor babies" - and it is all the fault of the dastardly fourteenth amendment.

Deadspin: A-Rod is a terrible liar. There was not an ounce of truth in his crocodile-tear laden apology to, um, America? The Yankees? Madonna? Further proof that this guy is emotionally retarded. Perhaps the Onion was right.

Youtube: Gentlemen, we can rebuild [the economy]. I'm pretty sure this is what President Obama was talking about in his speech last night.

The Hockey News: At least Ontario has junior hockey. The blighted cities of Ontario, which actually leads Michigan as the world's largest car-producing region, can at least take comfort in watching their junior hockey teams as the Big Three collapse.

New Haven Independent: Beat down posse. The latest installment of editor Paul Bass' v-log news summary, in which he discusses some troubling trends in New Haven's community policing policies. Be sure to scroll down to a response from Mayor Destefano.

Denver Post: Real justice for victims. Colorado is contemplating scrapping its death penalty and using some of the savings (estimated at anywhere between $300,000 and $4 million per year) to investigate unsolved homicides.

60 Minutes: 18 is the new 21. Personal acquaintances of mine, former Middlebury College president John McCardell and Boulder PD chief Mark Beckner discuss the benefits of lowering the national drinking age.

Gawker: NYU sucks on so many levels. Hilarious video of the NYU jackasses who occupied the university food court. How you like "consensus" now?

Christian Science Monitor: Their hearts just weren't in it. The accused killers of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya were acquitted, but no one was really surprised since the prosecutors were not trying terribly hard to convict them.

Pilki FM: Head like a fucking orange. For the acolytes of RSK (that's Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington for the uninitiated), you can listen to a stream of their old Xfm radio show 24/7.

Finally, I would like to point you towards a great news aggregating site, news*diet, which is linked in the menu to the left. A friend of mine runs it, and he periodically compiles a newsletter of noteworthy stories, which you can subscribe to via email. There is a lot of great content about government transparency and press freedom, though it is a bit heavy on sources related to sex trafficking - that just happens to be the author's area of research. So check it out, and get your fill of news.

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