Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wednesday Links: Colorado Now Has Fewer Newspapers, Meth Labs

BOULDER, Colorado -- This week, we brought you stories further showing that Boston's Tom Menino is still America's Worst Mayor, that the dumb white people in Congress would like to see more gun violence in both their part-time home of the District of Columbia and the Mexican border cities, and that Russia likes to use passports as weapons against its neighbors.

Each week, we uncover a few stories that piqued our interest, but not quite enough to warrant a post. Here we will take you from the newsrooms and meth labs of Colorado to the fake newsrooms and financial alchemy labs of New York City.

Who Killed the Rocky? The Rocky Mountain News earned the dubious distinction of becoming the first major American daily to shutter its doors during the recent industry troubles, and it certainly won't be the last. Now you can contribute your own theories about the reasons behind the paper's demise, though I would be more interested to know how a cowtown like Denver sustained two papers for this long.

Denver Post: Crystal Meth, you are vanquished! Over the past ten years, methamphetamine has made strong, terrifying inroads into Colorado, and it appeared as if the same fate awaited the state as places like Oregon and Iowa. But meth lab busts have been declining, and fewer people are seeking treatment for meth addiction, leading the Post to declare the war on the heinous drug over. I would not speak so soon.

The Daily Show: Everyone sucks at their job. That includes Wall Street assholes and the financial journalists who are supposed to be looking out for the public interest; instead, the shouting heads over at CNBC have decided to use their pulpit to engage in hand-jobbery.

Chronicle of Higher Education: I need to find a new "career."
William Pennapacker argues that if you are thinking about going to graduate school in the humanities, don't. As a geographer, I am trained to think that place matters, yet when I am released onto the academic job market, I am supposed to take whatever job I am lucky enough to get, regardless of where it is. Frankly, the prospect of going from adjuct position to adjunct position in San Marcos, Texas, Columbia, Missouri, or Riverside, California is just too much for me to bear.

The weapon of choice: Wikipedia. Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy had some fightin' words about his former center, Shaquille O'Neal, who he accused of "flopping" to draw a charge in a recent game. Some Shaq fans decided to exact their revenge on Van Gundy by vandalizing his Wikipedia page (below), though the photo of him on his unmolested page should be revenge enough (above).

Interfax: When I grow up, I want a career in extrajudicial killings. According to a survey of unknown provenance, the vast majority of kids living in central Moscow want to become police officers when they grow up. I guess with Russia's rapidly-collapsing economy, the opportunity to carry a gun and a badge might present more economic opportunities than the miniscule salary and awful working conditions would suggest.

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